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Wholistic + Cohesive Design

We are a full service interior, exterior, and custom-home design firm who specializes in providing clients with a realistic vision of their designs before construction.

We are about YOU - your projects, your spaces and your unique style. We know each and every project we take on is unique and it is our goal to bring your ideal design to life.

Design Services
Design Process


Learn About You

We want to learn about YOU - your project, your style and your vision. We will schedule an on-site or remote consultation to discuss your project, review your inspiration boards, photograph your space, take initial measurements and discuss your budget and timeline. Our  initial consultations typically take 1 hour and we charge $100.



Bring to Life

Almost there! Whitetail now meets with you to finalize finishes and walk you through your rendered project - providing you a realistic preview of your finished design. Upon approval, we provide all documents, drawings, and renderings to you to use in completing your project. 

Design Process

simple as 1, 2, 3

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Design Away

We live in 3D  - and so should you! When your layouts are finalized, Whitetail will translate the designs into a 3D environment so that we can dive deeper into the exact materials and finishes and provide you with realistic views of your space. 

We create renderings that provide our clients with a real understanding of their space well before the construction process is underway. This helps eliminate those  "ah-ha" moments later on and ultimately provides direction to both our clients and contractors so that our client's visions are made a reality!

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